Knesset c'tee Sends anti-harassment bill to plenum floor

The Committee for the Status of Women voted Tuesday to advance to its first reading on the Knesset floor a bill that will expand the rules regarding sexual harassment to include para-medical practitioners, such as physical therapists, and spiritual and religious figures.
MK Otniel Schneller (Kadima), who sponsored the bill, congratulated the committee on its decision. "As open and tolerant as modern society is toward the needs of each individual, to that same degree we must place clear and strong barriers that defend against turpitude," Schneller said.
Schneller's bill was advanced toward its next reading on the Knesset floor only one day after the Petah Tikva District Court  announced its decision to sentence a former Defense Ministry employee who had impersonated a rabbi to 10 years in prison for crimes including rape, sexual molestation and sodomy.