Labor MK Ben-Simon calls on Center-Left bloc to unite

MK Daniel Ben-Simon (Labor) called on the leaders of the Center-Left bloc to unite around one candidate to act as prime minister in the upcoming elections.
Speaking at a cultural event at the South Sharon Regional Council, Ben-Simon commented: "I cannot imagine that, on an issue so central and crucial, we cannot reach an agreement on the candidate to lead the Center-Left."
Ben-Simon added: "The public expects to see us lead for the greater good, and we shall stand by this expectation."
Remarking on the speculation that MK Moshe Kahlon (Likud) may head his own independent party, Ben-Simon stated: "Kahlon is a symptom of the anti-social policies that spread in the Likud leadership under Binyamin Netanyahu."
He added: "The departure of such an icon from Likud symbolizes the profound crisis of a party losing its way. Now it is clearer than ever that the long reign of Likud is soon to be over - whether Kahlon establishes a new party or not."