Lapid at Ma'asiyahu Prison: We will push bill to keep corrupt politicians from returning to Knesset

Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid announced a legislative plan to fight corruption in Israeli politics on Monday, holding a press conference at Ma'asiyahu Prison in Ramle, where several politicians have served sentences for corruption.
Lapid said that it was unacceptable that of the many ministers who had served time for corruption at the prison, some had returned to politics.
"The days in which the corrupt have enjoyed themselves at our expense are over," Lapid said.
"Yesh Atid will present legislation in the next Knesset: if you were convicted of a crime that includes moral turpitude, and served time here in prison, you can not be a minister, MK or mayor. Not after seven years, not after 20 years, never," Lapid said.
The Yesh Atid leader said that corrupt politicians are destroying Israel.