Lawsuit filed over handling of plane crash two years ago

The parents of plane crash victims Aviram and Itai Pasternak who were killed in a propeller plane crash near the community of Batsra two years ago, have filed a 10 million-shekel lawsuit against the Ministry of Transportation, the Airport Authority, the Health Ministry, the Asaf Harofeh Hospital for their the National Institute of Forensic Medicine and Prof. Yehuda Hess, as well as the estate of the deceased pilot Eliav Arbel.
The lawsuit lodged with Petah Tikva District Court alleges that the negligence of different flight authorities and lax enforcement of security standards contributed to the plane crash. Additionally, the suit alleges that the staff of the National Institute of Forensic Medicine misidentified the various body parts of the different victims and then improperly buried the body parts of the crash victims in supermarket bags.