Leonard Cohen tickets go on sale Saturday night

Tickets for Leonard Cohen¹s September 24 concert in Ramat Gan Stadium will go on sale Saturday night on the Leaan ticket agency Web site,, and starting on Sunday at its Tel Aviv box office and call center at (03) 527-0545. Ticket prices will range from NIS 350 to NIS 1,200. There will not be any standing-area tickets. Bank Discount customers can call *8780 for reserved seating, as well as discounts and subsidized tickets. As reported exclusively in The Jerusalem Post, Cohen will be donating his proceeds from the concert to an Amnesty International-administered fund which will funnel the money to Israeli and Palestinian organizations that are working toward conciliation. The initial recipients of the funds will be the Parents Circle - Family Forum, the Peres Center for Peace Children¹s Medical Program, and Combatants for Peace, an organization which attempts to bring together IDF veterans and Palestinian terrorists who have renounced their ways. The Palestinian Happy Child Center, a developmental center that works with special-needs children in Ramallah, has been vetted as another recipient but has not yet confirmed its participation.