Liberman: Egypt does not need Israel's advice on Sinai

The Egyptians know very well the significance of Sunday's attack and what they need to do, and don't need Israel's advice, Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman said Monday.
Liberman, on a tour of the northern border with other members of his Israel Beytenu party, said it was clear in Cairo that the attacks in Sinai are bad for Egypt's' national security, for its economy and tourism trade. "I hope the Egyptians will draw the conclusions," he said.
The conclusions Jerusalem hopes the Egyptians draw is that they will act more forcefully in Sinai to stamp out the global Jihadist terrorism growing there, and which threatens both Israel and Egypt.
Liberman, asked whether Israel sent any messages to the new government in Egypt since the attack, said that Jerusalem was in daily contact with Egypt.
"I don't think Egypt needs any advice from us, they alone understand the significance of this type of actions," he said. "I only hope that they draw the conclusions and we see results as fast as possible for the good of the whole region."