Liberman fires back at Netanyahu's criticism

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized Yisrael Beteynu leader Avigdor Liberman on Wednesday for abstaining to vote on the establishment of a minority government led by Benny Gantz, drawing harsh criticism from Liberman and others.
"The cat's out of the bag. The Islamic movement and the Joint List congratulated Liberman for abstaining in the vote on establishing a minority government, supported by the Arab parties," Netanyahu said on Twitter.
Liberman was quick to reply on Facebook, saying "Mr. PM, I was happy to see that you haven't forgotten we exist. Thank you, I enjoyed reading your post very much, but something's missing there.. You forgot to address your interview with former MK Haj Ihye, where he spoke of the real and close cooperation between the Likud party and the Joint List. Yes, the one that includes calls and summaries with MK Miki Zohar and Natan Eshel. You probably know what I'm talking about."
Liberman also added some context, saying "you must remember the fun meeting you had with that same Arabic community after screaming that they were 'flocking to the ballots by the busload.' They were at your house after the 2015 elections in a meeting where you wouldn't stop apologizing and praising them."
Liberman capped off his criticism with a common idiom in Hebrew about hypocrisy, saying "on the head of the thief, burns the hat."