Liberman: 'From the dawn of the Jewish people, enemies have sought to cut short our lives'

Speaking during a ceremony to mark the Second Lebanon War on Tuesday, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said that “from the dawn of the Jewish people, enemies have sought to cut short our lives.”
Israel was founded on the principles of freedom and democracy, and extended a hand of peace to its neighbors, but has been forced to deal with attacks from bitter enemies “seeking to bring darkness and death, on a nation that espouses the sanctifying of life,” Liberman said.
The Second Lebanon War become a link “in this chain of blood that accompanies the reality of our lives,” Liberman said. The war raged on the Lebanese border, southern Lebanon, and within the Israeli home front, he recalled.
“Ten years have passed since then, and the Second Lebanon War is still etched within us. It is an open wound in the daily reality of Israeli society, the defense establishment - and beyond everyone else - for you, the bereaved families, who carry with you the sorrow and silence, and the heavy price of our freedom,” Lieberman said.
“Being a bereaved parent is a full time role. There are no vacations. It is 24-7,” Liberman said. “There are extra hours, at nights and during the days. You do not always fall asleep, when you sleep you try to dream, to see your son, but he does not arrive, even in a dream.”
Liberman praised the courage of those who fell in battle.
A sober look at the northern border shows that the “relative quiet that characterizes the area is far from reflecting the mood among our enemies, he added.
In such a reality, Israel must reexamine its guiding principles every morning, and increase the power and training of the IDF, Liberman said.
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