Litzman appoints Orly Weinstein to head new state hospital division

Dr. Orly Weinstein has been appointed to the new position of director of the Health Ministry’s government hospital division, which will include general, psychiatric and geriatric hospitals owned by the state.
When the previous health minister, Yael German, was in office, she headed the German Committee that decided the state hospitals would be taken out from ministry control and be run by an authority. The cabinet voted to approve this reform.
The Yesh Atid MK appointed Esther Dominissini, a former board chairman of the Hadassah Medical Organization, the National Insurance Institute, the Israel Employment Service and the Prisons Service, to head such an authority. Dominissini procured offices in Tel Aviv and spent an unknown amount of funds, but she resigned when Litzman gained control of the Health Ministry after the last election and clearly stated that he opposed the German Committee reform.