Livni fights to take MKs, NIS 9 million from Kadima

Former Kadima leader Tzipi Livni announced her political comeback on Tuesday and immediately began efforts to split her former party and force it to give her more than NIS 9 million in party funding.
At a Tel Aviv press conference, she revealed that her party would be called “The Movement Led by Tzipi Livni” in Hebrew, and her associates asked that it be called “The Tzipi Livni Party” in English. In steps rare for press conferences, she filled the room with political activists to applaud her answers and took questions only from broadcast media.
Following the press conference, Livni got six political allies in Kadima to sign forms committing to leave for her party: MKs Shlomo Molla, Yoel Hasson, Majallie Whbee, Rachel Adatto, Robert Tibayev and Orit Zuaretz.
While the six are legally permitted to leave Kadima on their own, Livni can only ask the Knesset House Committee for the NIS 1.3m. in party funding that each MK is worth – 60 percent of which is given in a lump sum as a down payment – if she can find a seventh MK willing to jump ship.
Time allotted for election commercials on television and radio is also determined by how many MKs parties have.
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