Livni interviewed after her decision to quit political race for elections

After announcing that she was quitting politics on Monday, Former foreign minister Tzipi Livni was interviewed about her decision by Channel 12 news.
Livni claimed she quit after realizing her party will not get past the threshold, and did not care if she merged with Leftist parties. "I did not care if Netanyahu called me a Leftist, anything his rivals say, he yells 'Left, Left, Left,'" Livni said.
When asked if she regrets anything she did during her political activities, she said that she "was a less skillful politician back in 2009, and she made political mistakes, but she never made ones that harmed the country."
Answering a question on whether she plans to return to the political arena in the future, she claimed that she makes such decisions on the morning of each day, but she does plan to return in the future.