Livni: Non-IDF counter-Goldstone c'tee must defend army

Opposition leader and former foreign minister Tzipi Livnisaid Sunday that “the Goldstone report was born in sin. It will be a mistake toestablish today a commission that would examine the IDF without ensuring thatthe sheer establishment of such a commission would protect IDF officers fromfuture lawsuits.”

Livni, who served as foreign minister during Operation CastLead, was speaking amidst reports that the government was seriously mulling theestablishment of a non-military commission to examine allegations leveled againstthe IDF by jurist Richard Goldstone in the UN-commissioned report he penned followingthe campaign.

“[Ensuring that any commission defends IDF officersfrom future lawsuits] can and should be done. Without ensuring this – willunwittingly legitimize the distorted report. I have full faith in the IDF andany government must protect its soldiers and citizens without legitimizingorganizations or individuals whose sole aim is to bash .”

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