Livni slams Lieberman for attacking police, blames PM for lack of support

Kadima head and opposition leader Tzipi Livni on Monday slammed Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman for blaming the police of being politically motivated in recommending pressing charges against him on a variety of charges, while criticizing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for not taking an active stance on the issue. "I always insisted on separation of powers and did not comment on the investigations," Livni said. "Lieberman has a right to fight for his innocence. But he cannot say that the police are guided by political considerations and interests." "Everyone must support the police, especially the internal security minister, as Avi Dichter did when he was in the post. The prime minister must support the law enforcement authorities too. But the prime minister has been silent because he prefers political considerations. And that's because he lacks a moral compass. When everyone else is silent, someone has to talk and support law enforcement authorities and we in Kadima will do that," she added.