Meir Shamgar: Falash Mura need to be part of 'Zionist enterprise'

Meir Shamgar Falash Mur

The Public Council for Ethiopian Jews convened a press conference Wednesday evening to push for adoption of the proposal to complete the immigration process of Ethiopia's Jewish community quickly in order to prevent any undue suffering that may be caused by any further delays. Head of the council, former Supreme Court Judge Meir Shamgar said that the government must address the Falash Mura situation. The retired magistrate said at the press conference that "the immigration of 50 or 100 people a month is irrelevant when compared to thousands… there is no logic and no reason to leave behind people who have the right to immigrate, they need to be with us, as part of the Zionist enterprise." The government is scheduled to convene Sunday and address Interior Minister Eli Yishai's (Shas) proposal to fly in the remaining 8,700 Ethiopian Jews who are anxiously waiting in Gondar. The Falash Mura are Ethiopian Jews whose ancestors converted to Christianity under duress a century ago.