MI head: Sanctions against Iran not affecting nuke program

Head of Military Intelligence to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Avi Kohavi on Tuesday said that sanctions imposed against the Iranian government have not harmed the country's nuclear program or the strengthening of its military.
“The Iranian regime is maintaining stability despite the sanctions," Kohavi explained. "It is maintaining its basis for its strength and the sanctions do not harm its nuclear program and the strengthening of its military."
However, Kohavi explained that the sanctions have caused "an economic burden." Economic sanctions have "resulted in it [Iran] only being able to supply its people with 25 percent of its gas. The Iranian regime recently drastically cut substantial gas subsidies to the people. Iran has made NIS 600 million from the rise in the price of gas, but it is not enough to make up from what they lost from the sanctions," Kohavi continued.
"The sanctions have had an impact on the Iranian economy, but they have had no impact on Iran's nuclear program," Kohavi said. "Until now 3.2 tons of low-enriched uranium at 3% enrichment, 40,000 at 20%. Qom continues to be built and in 2011 will be filled with centrifuges.
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