Minister Peri: Israel must be careful not to exacerbate row with US

Science, Technology, and Space Minister Yaakov Peri insisted that the Israeli government was in favor of a diplomatic solution to end the dispute with Iran, though he warned of the consequences of allowing the row with Washington to deteriorate further.
“We have differences [with the US], but it’s not a serious crisis,” Peri told a town hall meeting in Tel Aviv. “Nonetheless, one cannot discount the possibility that we’ll reach that point.”
“The sanctions imposed on Iran were what pressured its leadership to come to the negotiating table with the West,” Peri, a former head of the Israel Security Service (Shin Bet), said. “The prime minister says, I don’t support him on this count, that we need to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, and that sanctions should be kept in place until that goal is achieved.”
“Still, we have no bigger friend than the US, and we must be careful not to exacerbate the crisis because it will have consequences on other issues that are fateful to the country’s future.”
Peri said that he would “probably vote in favor” of a military strike against Iran if it came before the cabinet for a vote and it became apparent that all other possibilities had been exhausted.