MK Sheetrit 'doubts' 7 MKs would leave Kadima for Likud

Kadima MK Meir Sheetrit on Monday expressed doubt that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had obtained the seven MKs needed to bring about a split in the party.
On Sunday, Otniel Schneller, Ya’acov Edri, Arieh Bibi, Avi Duan and Yulia Shamolov Berkovich confirmed that they wanted to leave Kadima for the Likud. "I don't believe they have seven MKs and I'm not sure that all of those listed really agreed. I don't believe that the chance of it [a split in the party] happening is big," Sheetrit said in an interview with Army Radio.
"There is no doubt that [Kadima leader] Shaul Mofaz made a great mistake in entering the government. All those who now want to leave for the Likud, supported Mofaz in the primaries. I think he made a mistake and he is paying a political price for it," Sheetrit added.   
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