NATO says destroys 17 Libyan tanks at Misrata, Brega

BRUSSELS - NATO forces destroyed 17 tanks belonging to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's forces on Friday and early Saturday, a NATO official said on Saturday.
NATO aircraft hit 15 tanks near the western city of Misrata, where Gaddafi's forces are attacking rebels, and two south of Brega in the east of the country, he said. "Friday's operations could prove to have had the highest tempo (since NATO took command of military operations in Libya)," the official said.
The official also said NATO aircraft intercepted a MIG 23 aircraft near Benghazi on Saturday, flown by a rebel pilot, and advised him to land. "We don't know the identity of the pilot but given that he took off from Benghazi, we would presume it was an opposition pilot," he said.