Netanyahu camp denies PM behind nixing of Abbas-Mofaz meet

Sources close to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Saturday denied claims that it was pressure from Netanyahu that led to the cancellation of a meeting between Vice Premier Shaul Mofaz and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas originally scheduled to take place in Ramallah on Sunday.
The Israeli media reported on Saturday afternoon that the Mofaz camp made the claim after the Palestinians had earlier announced that the meeting was cancelled due to popular opposition to the meeting on the Palestinian street. According to the reports, associates of Mofaz claimed that Netanyahu pushed to cancel the meeting, proving "the depth of the crisis between Mofaz and Netanyahu on the question of IDF enlistment."
Channel 10 quoted sources close to Netanyahu as responding that it was "embarrassing that there are people close to Mofaz trying to claim that their is a connection between the Tal Law and and the meeting with Abu Mazen [Abbas]. This is a claim that was made up after the Palestinians already announced that the meeting was cancelled because of the demonstrations in Ramallah against it."
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