Netanyahu criticizes illegal settler activity

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu expressed resentment Monday towards settlers seeking new construction tenders for building in West Bank settlements. Netanyahu said that "People do not understand where they live. If you do not live in this world, it is possible to disregard everything, and I suggest to be weary in order to protect the existing constructions. What is at stake is the new and existing construction."
"Right now we are in efforts to protect existing construction," Netanyahu added. "We are in a very difficult international reality, and the US veto in the UN Security Council was achieved with great effort. We could ignore everything and say 'no problem,' but as prime minister with responsibility for this country, I have the overall responsibility."
"We all want to strengthen the settlement and therefore we ought not ignore it. We are a few weeks after the the Quartet's decision, after the US's veto, before another Quartet decision, and therefore we must consider the reality in which we live. When there is a changing world order in the Middle East, there are those who seek an easy but irresponsible solution, and we won't help them with that."