Netanyahu expresses deep sorrow over Porush's passing

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu expressed "deep sorrow" over Sunday's death of former MK and deputy minister Rabbi Menachem Porush.
“The late Rabbi Porush was a pillar of the ultra-orthodox public in Israel and represented it loyally and with a great sense of mission,” Netanyahu’s office said in a statement on Monday. “He was one of the Knesset's most veteran members and served in it continuously from the 4th through the 13th Knessets, as an MK for Agudat Yisrael and United Torah Judaism.
The PMO added that there was a “warm and personal relationship” between Netanyahu and Rabbi Porush, who had been acquainted with the former's grandfather. 
“The prime minister consulted with Rabbi Porush many times and benefited from his wisdom and experience,” said the statement.