Netanyahu given all-clear after colonoscopy

PM given all-clear after

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu emerged with a clean bill of health after two minor invasive procedures at Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem's Ein Kerem neighborhood on Sunday. He was found in a colonoscopy and cystoscope exam to have no polyps. A year ago, a benign polyp was found in his colon and removed, according to Prof. Eran Goldin of the gastroenterology department. During the 20-minute procedure on Sunday, no polyps were found. The prime minister, said Goldin, recovered quickly from mild anesthesia and a half-hour later was driven home. Prof. Dov Podeh, head of urology, conducted the cytoscope exam and found that everything was normal. Twenty-seven years ago, a benign polyp was removed from Netanyahu's bladder, thus he is obliged to be examined from time to time. The physicians made a statement to the press, but it was said in advance that no questions would be answered.