Netanyahu 'has sunk to new depths' by blaming Palestinian mufti for Holocaust, Galon says

Zevaha Galon of the left-wing Meretz party said on Wednesday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's remarks suggesting that the Palestinian leadership convinced Adolf Hitler to destroy Europe's Jews show "the depths to which this man has sunk."
"This wasn't a speech by [the late Austrian leader of the far-right Freedom Party] Jorg Haider," Galon wrote on her Facebook page. "This wasn't a snippet of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' doctoral thesis. This was a completely accurate quote by the prime minister of the State of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, before the World Zionist Congress. It has to be seen to be believed."
"Perhaps we should exhume the corpses of the 33,771 Jews murdered in Babi Yar in September 1941, two months before the mufti and Hitler met, and bring them up to speed on the fact that the Nazis had no intention of destroying them," Galon wrote.
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