Netanyahu hits back at critics following deal with Otzma Yehudit

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has hit back at those who have critiqued him over his support of a deal between the Jewish Home-National Union Party – a far-Right party by Israel's political standards– and the Otzma Yehudit "Jewish Power" party, which could see the radical right-wing party re-enter the Knesset for the first time since the 1980s.
The comments come hot on the heels of rare criticism by America’s largest Israel advocacy organizations AIPAC and the American Jewish Committee over the prime minister's support for the deal, as well as other local groups.
“What hypocrisy and double standards by the left,” Netanyahu wrote on Facebook. “They’re condemning [the formation of] a right-wing majority bloc with right-wing parties while the left acted to bring extreme Islamists into the Knesset to create a majority bloc.
“In 1999 [Ehud] Barak took part in a campaign rally with the inciting Sheik Raed Salah,” he said, referring to a Muslim cleric who has been arrested several times for inciting violence.
"Representatives of Labor and Meretz voted for Azmi Bishara, who spied for Hezbollah, to enter the Knesset and [Isaac] Herzog sought a surplus vote agreement with the Joint List and said the Arab MKs were legitimate in the government,” he added.