Netanyahu to Turkel: 'We will get to the root of the truth'

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed the Turkel Committee Monday on the subject of the May 31 Gaza-bound Flotilla, which prompted a raid by Israeli commandos and resulted in the deaths of nine Turkish citizens.
"I am the first to appear in this distinguished committee," said Netanyahu. "Many will follow me, and I believe we will clarify all the details and get to the root of the truth. I am convinced the investigation will find that Israel and the IDF operated in accordance with international law, and the IDF fighters aboard the Mavi Marmara showed unusual courage in fulfilling their mission and defending themselves against a real, mortal danger. I trust the IDF fighters, and all of Israel is proud of them."
The Turkel Committee, called the Public Commission to Examine the Maritime Incident of May 31 2010, is headed by retired Supreme Court justice Jacob Turkel.
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