New IKEA to be built in place of burnt one in Netanya

The IKEA Israel store in Netanya will be completely rebuilt, the store's owner announced.
On Saturday night, Isralom Ltd. and British-Israel Investments Ltd., the property's owners, hired Pelleg Architects co-founder Zafrir Ganany and Waxman Govrin Engineering Co. Ltd. to design a new store.
The IKEA store in Netanya had 19,255 square meters of main space, 4,460 square meters of service space, and a 1,200-space parking lot. The original store was designed by Mann Shinar Architects and Planners Ltd. Waxman Govrin oversaw the engineering of the IKEA store in Rishon LeZion.
Since the IKEA store in Netanya was totally destroyed by the fire, the new store will be built from the ground up. This will result in the construction of a store with more modern standards than the original store, which was opened in 2001.
Biram said, "Within a year, a new and modern store will stand, and we hope that good will emerge from this whole story."