NIF: Pro-democracy citizens and MKs should condemn FM

The New Israel Fund on Monday responded to Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman's attacks earlier on left-wing organizations, saying: "The incitement, lies and hatred that the foreign minister of Israel spreads should concern all citizens. His words today reveal that the commission of inquiry that he has in fact already established has done its work and its conclusions were known in advance. Lieberman continues to ruin Israel's image as a democratic state, and portrays the country instead as a regime going after its civilians."
NIF Director Rachel Liel said in a statement: "It is clear that Lieberman does not understand the role of human rights organizations and their important role in any functioning democracy."
"The New Israel Fund believes in the strength of Israeli society to stand up to anti-democratic attacks that Lieberman is leading with other far-right organizations. We urge all citizens and MK's who advocate democracy to condemn Lieberman and his dangerous activities," she said.