Number of migrants registering in Germany falls markedly in January

BERLIN- Germany registered 91,671 migrants in January, less than half November's level, officials said on Thursday with pressure mounting on Chancellor Angela Merkel to deliver on her pledge to reduce the influx.
Support for Merkel has fallen sharply due to her open-door refugee policy, with a poll on Wednesday showing 81 percent of people think her government does not have the situation under control.
An Interior Ministry statement on the latest migrant tally gave no explanation for the notable drop in migrant arrivals, but it said previously that a downward trend seen since late last year was due mainly to freezing winter weather.
Germany has also reimposed spot controls on border points with Austria used by incoming migrants and is seeking to speed up deportations of those not qualifying for asylum.
Merkel has said the number of migrants entering Germany will fall after 1.1 million people arrived last year - the final destination for the vast majority who reached the European continent in 2015.