Obama welcomes jobs report as rare good news

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — US President Barack Obama took to the road Friday to push his administration's plans to create jobs, a crucial campaign issue for Democrats as they look toward November's congressional elections.
Obama spoke Friday at a North Carolina company that has hired new workers and expanded its operations with grants from the economic stimulus program. Obama's team wants to marry much-needed job creation with the politically sour stimulus, hoping that will help Democrats gain favor with voters after a bruising, yearlong battle with Republicans over health care.
The president hailed a new government report showing the largest job creation number in nearly three years. "We are beginning to turn the corner," he told employees of a manufacturing plant that received government stimulus money.
Obama sought to claim part of the credit for the 162,000 jobs added in March, saying that steps taken by his administration, while sometimes unpopular, "have broken this slide and are helping us to climb out of this recession."