Officials: UK could find itself in handcuffs if it backs Goldstone report

Officials UK could find

Israeli officials on Sunday responded harshly to remarks over the Goldstone Commission's report made by UK ambassador to the UN John Sawers, and said that London could become a target of legal action if it decided to back the report. "London, which is also in the midst of a war against terror, could find itself in handcuffs if it supports the document," officials told Army Radio. In an interview with the radio station earlier on Sunday, Sawers said that the report entails "serious information" that raises suspicions that violations took place during Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip. After convening a meeting to instruct senior diplomats to refrain from issuing statements to the media following Sawers' interview, the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem expressed hope that the British envoy's remarks reflected his personal opinion only and not London's official stance on the issue. The radio station quoted sources in Jerusalem as saying that they believed an international consensus that the Goldstone report was not a proper legal document was consolidating.