Old City Flag March back on, MK Ariel announces

MK Uri Ariel (National Union) and Jerusalem police chief Cmdr. Aharon Franco on Thursday arrived at a preliminary agreement to allow the annual Jerusalem Day "Flag March" to pass through the Old City, as has been the tradition since the holiday's inception in 1968.
On Wednesday, police had announced their intention to disallow the procession from marching through the Old City – and specifically the Muslim Quarter – after, police claimed, last year's participants damaged Arab property and harassed passersby.
After discussing the matter with Franco and guaranteeing that last year's behavior would not be repeated, Ariel announced on Thursday that the march would be allowed to pass through the Damascus Gate and on to the Western Wall.
The Lions and Herod's Gates, however, which the paratroopers passed through when recapturing the Old City during the 1967 Six Day War, will remain closed.