Physiotherapy students declare nationwide strike

Some 800 physiotherapy students at universities and colleges nationwide went on strike Wednesday morning.
The National Student Union released a statement on Wednesday ahead of the strike with the demands of the physiotherapy students: that the Council for Higher Education (CHE) adopt the recommendations of a report it commissioned from 2007 evaluating physiotherapy studies.
According to the statement, a physiotherapy degree takes four years to complete and includes three years of study and a final year comprising of 1000 hours of practical experience in public institutions such as hospitals. However, due to the opening of new study programs and the expansion of current study programs, there are too many students competing for positions.  This leads to a situation in which students are unable to fulfill their final year requirements to an international standard.
This year an additional program opened at the Ono Academic College in Kiryat Ono, despite the recommendations of the report not to expand physiotherapy programs.
Today there are some 4000 registered students with additional 400-450 new students each year.
On Thursday the students intend to hold a mass protest outside Ono Academic College under the theme "Money cannot buy everything."