Plesner: 'Model of people's army in danger of collapse'

The model of the people's army is in danger of collapse, Kadima MK Yohanan Plesner said on Sunday at a Jerusalem encampment of protesters demonstrating against the Tal Law.
Plesner, who is the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense subcommittee for implementing the Tal Law, said Sunday, "Especially during the week between Holocaust Remembrance Day and Independence Day, it is critical that we remember that the model of the people's army is in danger of collapse. Annulling the Tal Law will provide a one-time opportunity to fix the distortion of our values and to save the only model for serving which can preserve our existence in this land."  
Plesner added, "In the upcoming Knesset summer session, Kadima will an alternative to the Tal Law put on the table whose primary guiding principle will be the obligation for all to serve."
Plesner's comments came against the backdrop of a new push by a number of political parties and unaffiliated groups to push for a reform of the Tal Law which has governed Haredi service and exemption from service in the army since 2002.
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