PM regrets incident with bereaved families

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed regret at Sunday’s cabinet meet for the angry exchanges that took place last week in the Knesset State Control Committee between Likud MKs David Bitan and Miki Zohar and families who lost their sons in the 2014 Gaza war.
“As prime minister and the son of a bereaved family, I heard what was said last week in the Knesset in the heat of debate,” he said.
“I regret that these remarks were made; an immediate apology was necessary and it is good that this was done.”
Netanyahu came under criticism for not immediately speaking out about the issue. “
The entire people of Israel are united around you who have lost what is dearer than anything on behalf of the security of Israel,” he said. “We know, I know, that the independence of Israel has entailed an unbearably heavy price and we are all with you in your deep pain.