PMO backs Schalit talks envoy after reports of link to SafeSky case

The Prime Minister's Office on Tuesday night issued a statement backing special Gilad Schalit talks envoy Hagai Hadas, after reports surfaced that he was connected with the mysterious case of the Bnei Brak based SafeSky Software. The start-up had claimed to have sold a 37% stake in medical device Life Keeper - a patch that can purportedly give a 30-minute advanced warning of a heart attack - to Taiwan computer hardware manufacturer Micro-Star International Co. Ltd. for $370 million, but the supposed sale was later denied by MSI. "Hadas was chosen for the job due to his successful work for Israel's security and the intelligence community over the years, and his private projects, including business ventures, are his own personal responsibility and are in no way connected to his public role," said the PMO.