Police: Betrayed woman attacks neighbor, police with hammer

A woman in Ashdod who suspected her neighbor of having an affairwith her husband launched a violent assault over the weekend, using ahammer and possibly a razor blade in the incident, police said onMonday. 
Police received a call from a resident on Saturday who reportedthat her neighbor attempted to stab her with a razor blade.
Police asked the woman to respondto her neighbor's complaint, but the two women began fighting as soonas they saw one another. 
During the struggle, the assault suspect pulled a hammer fromher bag and began striking her neighbor.
In the process of separating the two women, F.-Sgt. Shlomo Ben Lolo became the target of theattacker's rage and suffered a leg injury from a hammer blow. The attacker was arrested and has confessed to assaulting herneighbor, police said.