Police: Murdered Rehovot woman was killed by handyman

The 76-year-old woman who was murdered in her home in Rehovot this
month was killed by a handyman who robbed her home, police said on
Thursday following the lifting of a media ban.
Rahel Schneider was found dead in her apartment by emergency services
after being called to the address by her son on July 2.
Police forensics officers who investigated the murder scene traced the
slaying to 59-year-old Yisrael Efrati, of Rehovot.
Efrati, a handyman who was acquainted with Schneider's son, allegedly
knocked on Schneider's door, and shoved a rag in her mouth to prevent
her from shouting for help when she opened, police allege.
Efrati allegedly proceeded to steal NIS 2,000 from a safe in the
apartment, police added, while Schneider suffocated to death.