Poll: Most Israelis back equal representation for women in Knesset

Over half of Jewish Israelis would not vote for a party that does not include women in its list, a poll released by women's leadership organization WePower found Wednesday.
According to the Geocartography poll, 76.3 percent of Jewish Israelis support equal representation for men and women in the Knesset, and only 7.7% oppose it. The rest were undecided.
When the population is divided by religious lines, 83.2% of secular people are for equal representation, 76.8% of those identifying as traditional support it, as well as 53.8% of religious and haredim.
In addition, 55.7% do not plan to vote for parties that do not include women in their lists for the next Knesset, 18% said they would and 26.3% were undecided.
Of religious people and haredim, only 45.1% would not vote for an all-male, 53.6% of traditional people and 60.3% of secular people.