Pompeo asks Iranian protesters to send documentations of abuse by regime

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo asked Iranian protesters on Twitter to send videos, photos and information documenting the Islamic Republic's crackdown on protesters to the US in order for the US to "expose and sanction the abuses," on Friday. Protesters were asked to send the documentation through the Telegram messaging app to RFJ_Farsi_Bot.

Pompeo tweeted the request in Farsi and English as internet was reportedly being restored to Iran after being shut down for over 100 hours. Iran's Minister of Communications, Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, said that internet had been restored "in some parts of the country" and that restoration in other areas would have to be approved by the Iranian Security Council, according to Radio Farda.
On Thursday night, US President Donald Trump condemned Iran's decision to shut off internet, tweeting that "They want ZERO transparency, thinking the world will not find out the death and tragedy that the Iranian Regime is causing!"
It is unclear how Iranians will be able to respond to Pompeo's request on Twitter as most internet access is still shut down in Iran and Twitter is one of many sites blocked in Iran, although many users use virtual private networks (VPNs) and proxy sites to bypass the filter.