Price of bread to rise 3.55 percent Thursday

Shoppers will pay an additional 3.55 percent for price controlled breads starting Thursday, the Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry announced Wednesday.
“The price hike is due to an increase in the price of flour, a major component in the cost of bread, which went up because of a sharp rise in wheat prices worldwide,” said Zvia Dori, the ministry’s supervisor of prices.
A standard 750-gram loaf of white bread will now cost NIS 4.60 instead of NIS 4.44; a 500-gram halla will cost NIS 5.02 instead of NIS 4.84; and a sliced loaf of white bread will cost NIS 6.90 instead of NIS 6.66.
After the price increase, regulated breads will still be cheaper than in April 2008, the ministry said.
Last year, the government cut the price of subsidized breads three times and raised it once.