Rapist sentence to 6.5 years for abusing minors

The Tel Aviv Magistrates Court has sentenced Arye Hecht to 6.5 years imprisonment for sex crimes against minors, Army Radio reported Wednesday. The 50-year-old admitted in a plea bargain to raping a minor and several different incidents of molesting a minor included one 16-year-old with whom he volunteered at a rescue organization.
As part of the sentence, Hecht will have to pay NIS 75,000 to each complainant. Judges wrote that the "offenses were carried out against minors between 2002-2007, during which time the defendant exploited their innocence and young age, as well as the great confidence with which their parents gave him."
The sentence includes no less than seven occasions during social gatherings and family trips when Hecht molested his victims when he found himself alone with them. Hecht reportedly grabbed the girls beneath their clothes and touched them obscenely.
Hecht was described as leading a traditional lifestyle, was a business manager, and was in the operational services in the IDF.