Remedia officials in 2003 baby formula case sentenced

The sentence in the case of three former senior Remedia officials in the 2003 baby formula affair was handed down on Thursday morning.
The three officials were indicted in 2008 and were all accused of negligent homicide and committing acts likely to cause disease, as well as other crimes.
Former Remedia top technologist Frederick Black, convicted of negligent homicide last month, received 30 months in prison.
Former CEO Gideon Landsberger, acquitted of negligent homicide, was instead fined 10,000 shekels. The former owner of the company, Moshe Miller was not convicted or fined.
The sentences are at best a mixed result for the families of the three babies who died and the around 20 babies who suffered serious harm caused by the fact that Remedia’s revised vegetarian formula did not include Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), even though the cans stated that they did.