Report: Group of religious Jews try to storm Temple Mount

A group of "religious [Jewish] Israelis" tried to "storm" the Temple Mount on Sunday, according to Jordan's semi-official Ad-Dustour newspaper.
The report comes after Palestinian sources on Sunday were spreading rumors that a group of Jews was attempted to storm the Temple Mount in order to "strengthen Israeli sovereignty over the site," according to the Jordanian newspaper.
Police could not confirm whether a group of Jews attempted to access the Temple Mount on Sunday.
The Palestinian rumors came after attempts by Likud activists, including former Likud primary candidate Moshe Feiglin, tried to access the Temple Mount a week ago, but were barred by police from entry.
Protests broke out in the Jordanian capital of Amman near the Israeli embassy in reaction to the news, as many Palestinians believe that Jewish Israelis seek to build a Third Temple on the site that is holy to both Jews and Muslims.