Report: Iran website anticipates day after 'nuclear test'

The day after Iran's first nuclear test will be a "normal day," Gerdab, an Iranian website run by the country's Revolutionary guards said, according to a Guardian blog post published Wednesday.
The report cites an article published on the Iranian website which anticipates the day after the first test of a nuclear bomb, which has been a "taboo" issue as Iran insisted that it's nuclear program is meant for peaceful purposes.
The Guardian quotes the website's prediction of what will happen the day after a nuclear test: "The day before [the nuclear test], probably in central deserts of Iran, where once Americans and some other Western countries wanted to bury their nuclear waste, an underground nuclear explosion has taken place. The strength of the explosion was not so great as to cause severe damage to the region nor so weak that Iranian scientists face any problems in running their tests."
"Today is a normal day like any other," the Iranian website said. "Like 90% of the year, there is news about Iran, and these are the headlines which can be seen on foreign news sites: Reuters: Iran detonated its nuclear bomb. CNN: Iran detonated nuclear bomb. Al-Jazeera: The second Islamic nuclear bomb was tested. Al-Arabiya: The Shia nuclear bomb was tested. Yahoo! News: Nuclear explosion in Iran. Jerusalem Post: Mullahs obtained nuclear weapon."
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