Rivlin on IDI poll: Disillusionment and indifference are the greatest danger to democracy

President Reuven Rivlin called on the public on Sunday not to shed its democratic right and to come out in large numbers to vote in the March 17, Knesset election.
Rivlin made the call after he was presented with the annual Israel Democratic Index prepared by the Israel Democracy Institute.
Inter alia, the index points to a severe waning in public confidence in the government and its financial institutions.
"Disillusionment and indifference are the greatest danger to democracy" Rivlin warned.
He disagreed with the majority of public opinion that believes that the public has no influence. "Only by coming out to vote can the public exercise its influence," he said. 
Rivlin also commented on the need to vote for one of two major blocks in order to enable an incoming government to function.