Rivlin: Police build bridges between different sectors in Israeli society

President Reuven Rivlin visited the police station in the Arab village of Kfar Kana in the Galilee Tuesday, accompanied by Police Chief Roni Alsheikh and other police officials.
During the visit, Rivlin underlined the police's role to build bridges between different social groups in Israel.
"The Israel police belong to all of us," Rivlin said. "Alongside their important role in preserving law and order, the police is a unifying force in society that can help all of us to build strong and resilient bridges between the different tribes."
"I came here today because I see the Arab sector in Israel as an inseparable part of Israel," Rivlin added. "We are all one society, even if many times everyone wants to preserve their own special character of style; this is all well and good so long as we can live together.