Roads around Rehovot, Yavne sealed as part of police drill

A large-scale Border Police exercise simulating security scenarios commenced on Tuesday afternoon in the Rehovot and Yavne area.
As part of the exercise, Route 41 between Kanot Junction and Kerem Yavne Junction will be sealed off, as well as Route 43 between Kerem Yavne and Netaim Bet Hanan Junction.
Route 40 will be sealed off between Konot Junction and Yishresh Junction, as well as Route 431 between Nesharim Junction and the Netaim Bet Hanan area.
The public has been asked to avoid those roads.
Members of the public have been advised to expect heavy traffic of security vehicles, and to expect sounds of gunfire and explosions as part of the drill.
The exercise, dubbed "replay," will involve firefighters, paramedics, and other Israel Police units in addition to the Border Police, and will play out across a number of areas around the country this week.