Russia says 6 officers hurt in Caucasus attack, bomber blew himself up

Six Russian law enforcement officers were hurt in a bomb attack in the North Caucasus region on Friday as they tried to arrest a man who blew himself up, the TASS news agency cited the National Counter-Terrorism Committee as saying.
At least two people were wounded on Friday in an explosion caused by a suspected suicide bomber outside a local Federal Security Service building in Russia's North Caucasus.
Interfax news agency quoted an unspecified source as saying the attack was in the Karachay-Cherkessia area of the volatile, mainly-Muslim region and that two people were hurt.
State television channel Vesti said at least six people were injured and that the attack was in the village of Uchkeken, but provided no sources for the information.
There was no immediate comment from authorities.
Russia has been hit by bomb attacks carried out by Islamist rebels from the North Caucasus in the past, although Moscow has largely crushed their insurgency.