Sa'ar: Israel should hail real heroes, not reality TV stars

Israel should champion its “real cultural heroes” and not the stars of reality TV programs, Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar said on Monday.
“We have real cultural heroes - like Ilan Ramon (of blessed memory) and many other amazing people who live amongst us. These are the role models who we need to present to the public and the youth, for them to identify with. These are the real cultural heroes of Israel, not those stars from reality TV.”
Sa’ar added, “We founded a country and have survived and achieved the accomplishments we have because of our human capital, which is the basis of our advantages in the dynamic and difficult region we live in. We can continue to exist here only through protecting this quality”.
Sa’ar’s comments came during an appearance at the 6th annual Ilan Ramon International Space Convention on Monday. In addition to bringing together officials from the global space industry, the conference also places an emphasis on encouraging a greater focus on space studies in public schools.
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