Sa'ar to US presidential candidates: Recognize Israel's right to Jerusalem building

Former interior and education minister Gideon Sa'ar on Sunday urged the candidates in the current US presidential race to recognize Israel's right to build freely in Jerusalem.
Speaking at The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference in New York, the former Likud minister called for the winner in the run to the White House to instruct the next US administration to acknowledge Israel's right to "build in the undivided, united capital of Israel, Jerusalem, in all it's parts."
"If we do not act we will wake up and Jerusalem will not be in our hands," he told the crowd, calling for more Jewish building in the capital. He said Jewish building should at least be doubled to secure Israel's sovereignty over it.
Sa'ar stated that without substantial change, current demographic trends indicate there will be an Arab majority in Jerusalem in about 15 years.
"While the Palestinians are illegally trying to connect Ramallah to Jerusalem we should act to connect Jerusalem to Ma'ale Adumim," he asserted.